Women's Division


Do you feel anxious when you hear that unknown noise?

Feel like you should get your vehicle checked but are afraid of the "list" of repairs they will give you at the end?

Are you confident in your shop that what you are being charged is fair and what you are being told is right?

Do you feel like you are taken advantage of by shops?

Do you wish there was a place you could trust that would take care of things for you?

I know how you feel! That's why we created our Women's division. Run by a Women for Women.

This is the First Shop in Manitoba to offer services like this specially geared to Women. This is long overdue, we are empowered and educated in many other aspects of our life. Transportation should be the same, it filters through our lives effecting our finances, stress level, ability to work, to care for our loves ones and self it is a huge area and so many women have no one trusted to turn to.  We as women need help and support to also be empowered with our vehicles so we are no longer vulnerable in this area.

Parts of Cars Women's Division is Dedicated to helping women with their vehicle needs by offering lower cost repairs through our network of trusted affiliates, discounted new and used parts, Empowerment & Knowledge.

How can u benefit from this? We can source you quality new or used parts for your vehicle. and trusted, reasonable repairs. We track our customer experiences to ensure continued quality parts and service.

We can help you with quality used vehicles, our vehicles are mechanically sound and reasonably priced.

We have spent 8 years building our network of affiliates, which includes glass installers, mechanics, body shops, parts retailers, wholesalers, recyclers and more.

Our Mission... To Empower Women & save you money!