1.       Where are you located? 

820 Bradford st. Winnipeg, MB R3H 0N5

2.       I work during the day how can I get my parts? 

We are open later 2 nights a week and some Saturdays – please call or email for details we also may be able to ship to your workplace – ask for more info

3.       What is a CORE charge? 

A core charge is a refundable charge to ensure we receive your old part back – we allow core refunds within 10 days.

4.       I didn’t use my part what can I do?

Exchange or credit allowed on most parts - No cash refunds No returns on electrical parts

5.       I left a deposit and now want to cancel my order for my part.  

Parts that have been preordered and have not yet been committed to processing are eligible for a full refund, parts that are committed  or enroute may be eligible for a partial refund depending at what stage they are in.

6.       I live out of Winnipeg how can I get my parts? 

 We can ship your part to you anywhere in North America.

7.       How can I pay for my parts?

We accept cash, interact, Visa, Mastercard, e-transfer and PayPal.

8.       How can I pay for my vehicle purchase? 

We accept cash, certified cheque, bank draft, e transfer or interact.( credit purchase are available but subject to at 3% fee).